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Kayak Shopping in Canberra: Different Types of Kayaks

To purchase a kayak in Canberra, you'll first need to figure out what type of kayak you want. Shopping for a kayak can be difficult, but learning about the different types of kayaks is a good place to start. The type of kayak which is right for your situation will depend on what you plan to use the kayak for - for example, holiday kayakers can have the most fun on a recreational kayak, while those looking to paddle long distances will be better suited to buying a sea kayak. If you're looking to purchase a kayak in Canberra, this guide to the types of kayaks will serve as an introduction to the market and your options. 

Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayaks are, as the name would suggest, light-weight and easy to transport. They're perfect for the kids to have fun paddling around while you're on holiday, but any more strenuous uses could cause them to rip and deflate. For casual, holiday users who don't plan on paddling significant distances, they are an affordable but effective choice.

Recreational Kayak

To purchase a kayak in Canberra, you'll notice a lot of recreational kayaks on sale in most stores. These sit-on-top kayaks are a good option for families who want something more durable than an inflatable kayak, but are not planning on paddling far. They're fun and stable for beginner paddlers.

Sea Kayak

Along with the recreational kayak, the sea kayak is the most popular type of kayak you will see in stores if you want to purchase a kayak in Canberra. With a long body and good stability, you can paddle fast without falling out in one of these kayaks. They are made for paddling long distances in the ocean, and are a good option for those who want to upgrade from a recreational kayak.

Whitewater Kayak

Whitewater kayaks are short, stable kayaks with an enclosed seat. They're made for paddling down whitewater rapids, which can be a fun activity if you like an adrenaline rush. Although they're not made for paddling long distances, they are durable and easy to manoeuvre. However, they're not particularly versatile, so don't buy one unless you are planning to paddle down some rapids. 

Fishing Kayak

Fishing kayaks are specifically designed to carry fishing rods and tackle boxes. They are built wide enough to remain stable while you fish. They are long and can be paddled for long distances. Again, these kayaks are designed for people with a specific hobby, so unless you're planning on fishing from a kayak there's not much point in purchasing one. 

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