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Five Tips for Optimising Trailer Storage When You Own a Landscaping Company

A trailer can be a great way to move items from place to place, and if you run a landscaping company, a trailer can be essential for your business. However, it can also be challenging to get all the tools and supplies you need on your trailer.

Looking for ways to optimise storage? Take a look at these ideas.

1. Upgrade to a Cargo Trailer

If you're in the market for a new trailer, consider upgrading to a cargo trailer. Generally, it can hold more than a flatbed trailer. Because of the walls, you can haphazardly stack all kinds of things without worrying about losing them in transit. With a flatbed, you are limited by the fact that the trailer is not enclosed.

2. Integrate Hooks and Cabinets

Of course, even with a cargo trailer, you will be able to fit more inside of it if you have some storage solutions. To that end, you may want to hang hooks on the ceiling. They can be useful for anything from gardening tools to extension cords. Also, consider putting cabinets in along the sides of your trailer. That secures fertilisers, small tools and other essentials and leaves the middle of the trailer open for large items.

3. Add Sides to Your Flatbed

Upgrading isn't always an option, but luckily, you can easily set up a flatbed trailer to hold more cargo by adding sides to it. You can add wooden slats to the sides of a flatbed trailer, or if you want to keep the weight low, it's possible to add metal sides.

You may want to talk with someone who sells cyclone fencing and see if you can turn that into sides for your trailer. With a bit of ingenuity and a welding gun, you can do a lot.

4. Opt for an Axle Tool Box

Whether you have a flat bed or an enclosed trailer, don't forget about the axle. Generally, people don't see this as an area for storage, but it easily can be. Axle tool boxes secure to the axle, and they allow you to store all manner of tools and accessories for your landscaping business or any other purpose.

If you have a flatbed trailer, you may want to put a lock on your axle tool box and keep your valuables in there.

5. Integrate a Ramp

If you bring a ride on lawn mower to your client's homes, you will need a ramp to get the lawn mower on and off the trailer. A standalone ramp wastes space in your trailer, that could be used for other items. Instead, consider integrating a trailer with the back gate of your trailer. Then, you just lower the back gate and drive down the lawn mower. It's a convenient space saver.