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5 Reasons to Pick a Camper Trailer Over a Caravan for Your Australian Road Trips

Want to buy a camper trailer or caravan and head out to see the best Australia has to offer? It's a fantastic idea, but you still need to make that vital choice between trailer or caravan. Of course, both options have their pros and cons, but here are just four reasons you should choose a camper trailer.

1. Few Travel Restrictions

A caravan provides more creature comforts than a camper trailer, but they're ill-suited to any variety of adventure. That's a big problem in a country like Australia since so many top spots are accessible only via off-road trails. If you don't want to feel restricted on where you drive and where you camp, it only makes sense to choose a camper trailer over a caravan.

2. Superior Performance and Efficiency

Your typical camper is going to weigh a lot less than a caravan, and they don't cause as much aerodynamic drag since trailers don't rise higher than the vehicle. You'll notice the difference when you're out on the road. Whether cruising at speed on the highway or accelerating from a stop sign, you'll enjoy superior performance towing a trailer instead of a caravan. Since your vehicle won't need to be working as hard, you'll also be burning less fuel, which is a serious concern during extended journeys.

3. Carrying Versatility

Because of their low profiles, you can actually store some gear on top of your camper while driving – this is perfect for large or bulkier items. Some manufacturers even offer racks for bikes, skis or even boats to help you take what you need. You won't enjoy that kind of versatility with a caravan.

4. Easier Storage

When you're out on your great Australian road trip, you might want to leave your temporary domicile somewhere so you can enjoy the freedom of only using your vehicle. That might be because you're spending a few days in Sydney or because you want to head into rougher backcountry. In either case, you'll find it easier finding somewhere to store a relatively small trailer rather than a caravan. When you get home, you'll also find a trailer is much less conspicuous outside your house than a caravan.

5. Easier Manoeuvring

Finally, the lower profile, lower weight and smaller footprint of camper trailers make them significantly easier to manoeuvre when towed from your vehicle than a caravan. Whether you're parking in a lot in the Red Centre or trying to get around city streets, you'll appreciate that added convenience.